Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Prices can vary depending on how far I need to travel, how many musicians are required and how long I need to play for. Please get in touch for an accurate quote.

How do we book and do you need a deposit?

If you wish to go ahead, I will need a few details so that I can prepare a professional contract to clarify all aspects of the booking. In addition to this, I will require a small deposit to secure the date. Amounts and details will be confirmed as part of the formal quote.

What do you bring with you?

I bring all my own equipment such as: Full PA system; portable digital keyboard; drums, microphones and lighting - you won’t have to supply anything!

How long does it take you to set up?

Somewhere between 40 to 60 mins, depending on room access.

What's the earliest you can arrive and the latest time you can play to?

The earliest I can arrive for an evening performance is 6pm. The latest time I can play to is midnight.

How long do you play for?

Standard playing sets are a choice of 3 x 40 mins, or 2 x 60 mins.

What times would you suggest for the evening?

I’m totally flexible, however a typical time plan would be:

6-30pm Band arrive

7-30pm Disco music

8-30pm Band first set

9-10pm Disco music

10pm Band second set

10-40pm Disco music

11-20pm Band third set

12am Finish.

I’m happy to discuss and give advice on times. I don’t really need to confirm any details, until about a month before the date.

Can you provide music for the daytime/afternoon too?

Unfortunately, background piano music isn't really my thing. However, I know some great musicians who play music tailored for daytime performances, these include jazz pianists and saxophonists - just ask me for their details if you need them!

We have the room until 1-30am, do you mind playing until then?

Normally, I finish all music at midnight. If you wanted music to carry on past that point, I would recommend hiring a DJ separately to myself to keep the party going.

Do you always use the same musicians?

I use a small circle of some of the best professional drummers, saxophonist and bassists in the business. They regularly tour with well known artists such as: The Darkness; Jools Holland; Rod Stewart; The Ting Tings; Robert Plant; John Newman; Gareth Gates; Peter Andre; Gloria Gaynor and Jane McDonald. However, due to these touring commitments, I can’t always guarantee the same people from place to place. Rest assured though, you will be guaranteed extremely talented and highly professional musicians.

How far in advance do you get booked up?

My resident venues book up to a year in advance, so I would suggest getting in touch as soon as you know the date and venue.

Are you happy to travel?

I'm happy to travel, but please be aware that costs may vary upon the distances involved and I may require over-night accommodation as part of the booking. This will be clarified as part of the formal quote.

Are you fully insured and PAT tested?

My equipment gets electrically tested every year. I’m also insured through my union ‘Equity’ for Public Liability up to £10 million. If required by the venue, I can provide you with a copy of the documents.

How much space do you need?

We can fit into most spaces, but the ideal area would be:

1) Duo 3.5m x 3m  2) Trio 4m x 3.5m  3) Full Band 5m x 4m

Do you need anything from us on the night?

The only things that I ask for are: 2 x 240v power sockets close to the area where I’m performing, as well as a room to get changed in and store empty cases. A few soft drinks and a small meal would also be greatly appreciated. The meal doesn’t have to come at a great expense to you, just an invite to an evening buffet will be more than sufficient!

Do we get to decide what songs you play?

For the live sets, the music is generally left to my discretion based upon the audiences reactions etc. I can provide a 'typical set-list' that will give a great indication of the songs that I'm likely to play and any songs that you definitely do not want playing I can look into replacing - no problem!

Can we send a list of songs to be played in between sets?

Yes please do! As standard, I provide music in between sets via a laptop. I have 5000 of the most requested songs, so I'm sure we can work together to make a great playlist. I don't beat match tracks together like a DJ but tracks will be played one after the other, without any gaps.

Can we bring our own music for in between sets?

No problem, just bring a charged i-pod on the evening and I will play it through my PA system.

We have already booked a DJ, is this ok?

That’s absolutely fine. It may not be possible for us to share the same PA system, but I’m more than happy to work along side a DJ.

When do you need to know our first dance song by?

Realistically, I don’t need to know your chosen first dance until around a month before the date.

Can you send us a list of first dance songs that you've played before?

Certainly - just ask!

Can you bring a real looking piano?

Depending on space, budgets and availability, I may be able to hire a mini grand piano shell (which my keyboard fits into). It would look and sound just like the real thing. Let me know when enquiring and I'll happily contact the hire company for their costs.

The venue has a piano already, can you play that?

Unfortunately, I'm not insured to use equipment other than my own.

The venue has strict noise restrictions, will this be a problem?

I have many years experience working with sound limiters / noise restrictions. The acoustic sound of the drums is always the loudest thing on stage  so whenever required, my drummers can ensure they use an electric drum kit to maintain full control over the sound.

Once booked, when do you contact me to finalise details?

I will contact you about a month before the date and then again a week before, to finalise arrangements.